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Oral Communications

Time limit: 45 days

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Meet your Instructor

Virgina Morgan, PhD

Throughout her tenure with Extension, she has conducted numerous workshops on presentation skills, interpersonal communication skills, instructional design, learning styles, ethics in the workplace, and disaster preparedness. In addition, she wrote “Public Speaking,” a chapter in the Communicator’s Handbook, third and fourth editions. Extension publications include “Green Industry: Planning to Continue Business Following a Disaster,” “Ready Tip” and “Notes from Ground Level.” She also is responsible for the ACES EDEN site.



Most of us are reluctant to talk about tough issues, but whether we want to have those talks or not, we will be drawn into them at some point. Understanding and practicing effective communication skills will go a long way toward a positive outcome following a conversation on a tough issue. Using good communication practices in every conversation will make it easier for you to have a successful conversation—even when it’s a tough one. 

Learn how to resolve tough issues, whether with clients, supervisors, collaborators, or employees. The ability to use the basic channels of communication with listening and problem-solving skills is critical to success. Learn how to resolve tough issues using these channels and skills.

Course Goals:

    1. Apply active listening skills
    2. Use simple assertion techniques
    3. Organize the message
    4. Simplify the message
    5. Apply conflict resolution models
    6. Learn from experience

Learning Outcomes:

      • Be able to describe the three basic channels of communication.
      • Apply concepts learned.
      • Assess a difficult situation to judge the best approach for resolving the issue.
This course is .9 CEU.