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Parasites in Food


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Full course description

This online course, Parasites in Food, provides essential information on food borne pathogens, focusing specifically on the area of parasites.  The course comprises eight lessons or modules that explore the most common parasitic food borne pathogens, and encompass modules titled:
1) Overview of Parasites in Food, 
2) Protozoa species: Cryptosporidium, 
3) Protozoa species: Giardia, 
4) Protozoa species: Cyclospora, 
5) Protozoa species: Toxoplasma, 
6) Protozoa species: Entamoeba, 
7) Roundworm species: Trichinella and Anisakis, and 
8) Tapeworm species: Diphyllobothrium and Taenia.  

The first module serves as a brief overview and introduction to the realm of foodborne parasites. Each of the following modules (2-8) cover in detail specified parasites: 1) general background, 2) life cycle-stages of development, 3) unique characteristics 4) preferred food environments, 5) mode(s) of transfer, 6) survival and reproduction, and 7) prevention and control.  This course provides essential information necessary to understanding parasites common to food and food environments.