Full course description

1. Title of Module: Nutrition and Food

2. Prerequisites: None

3. Books and other resources: None

4. Course Description: This course provides an overview of the nutrients needed for aquaculture. It will help the participant understand the nutritional needs of aquatic organisms in fattening and maturation, to have a better understanding of the morphology and the digestive process and obtain information about processing and production of fish feed.

5. Meta Course: Learn the information needed to understand the aquaculture nutrition, which usually represents one of the higher production costs.

6. Learning Outcomes:

7. Course content:

Digestive processes
Dietary components
Broiler diets
Food Process
8. Assessment: Students must complete the final assessment with a grade of 70% or more.

9. Criteria for successful completion: The completion of the module, including the final assessment as part of RAPCO program.

11. Policy recovery: There is no recovery policy as it takes place in the participant's home or office in your convenience time.

12. Teaching Methodology: The content will be presented with a combination of audio and visual effects.

13. Statement Help Disability: Students with disabilities can contact the instructors to discuss their needs and aid strategies.

14. Honesty Policy: I declare that all the work is itself achieved through own merits without outside help. If I have questions or concerns about this policy, it is my responsibility to seek help for clarification. As you read these words as part of the curriculum, I indicate that I understand and agree with the principles and procedures of academic honesty.

15. Support System Participant: You can access all the course material via the internet. This is an asynchronous process: you can go anytime, anywhere. Students may contact the instructor at any time.

16. Computer skills: Participants must have access to adequate approved computer with a browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Google Chrome 17.0.963.79 or higher, Firefox 10 or higher, or Safari 5.1 or greater). Participants should also have experience with the following skills:


Participants should have the following basic Internet skills to take the course:

     Internet access
    Use a search engine
    Hotlink make connections (click on icons with blue underlined text)
    Open, enter and contribute to the discussion page
    Cut and paste from a word processing program, e-mail and the Internet
    Save files as text (.txt), MSPowerPoint (.pptx), MSExcel (.xls) or MSWord (.docx).

If a participant has difficulty with the skills mentioned above, it is suggested that you contact a computer expert to develop these skills or you can fix any computer problem. Once enrolled in the course, Participant Support is available by a specialist who can assist with problems related to the technology used in the course.